CDETB Creative Writing Competition

Congratulations to our talented TLA student Graham Ritchie on winning 1st prize in the poetry category of the SCC Creative Writing competition.  Please enjoy the award winning poem.

I saw last night in my dream

I saw last night in my dream, you

By the sand dunes on that day, I savour

In exaltation and remorse

You were a gift to memory on such a day

I saw last night in my dream, him

Amongst the marram grass of those same dunes

Watching us strum your guitar wild

Wearing oversized shirts aflame, a bravado untamed

I saw last night in my dream, a father

Capturing a moment of a day of a life

To chain past’s everlasting to present

A token of fleeting gratitude

I saw last night in my dream, a sun

With radiant beams unceasing

Running kites at heights untouched by Icarus

Unflappable of the unbeknown foreboding

I saw last night in my dream, a love

Bound by blood

Between all that was thick and thin

And beyond the parameters of time’s fixed position

But then I lost sight as the mists of night unrolled

And the moon appeared to appease the waves

I stood alone waiting, wanting

Urging myself to hang desire’s fire

Until the sea came crashing in its stride

Submerging me in bountiful affliction

And then I woke up

And morning’s respite felt my accustomed fright

But as painful as it was to remember, I reminded myself

That a phantom’s risk should not be measured against rapture’s reward

So, dream on, affection

I will see you at night once more.