Pre University Arts – Third Level Access

QQI Level 5 Major Award: General Studies 5M3114

This General Learning Programme aims to provide a foundation in subjects which students may wish to study at Third Level. It also introduces students to methods of study, writing skills and research skills that are required for successful participation in Third Level education. While graduates of this course may apply to any Third Level Institute, Plunket College of Further Education is a partner to the Trinity Access Programme (TAP). Our students visit Trinity College to engage in a number of “taster activities” throughout the academic year, including library visits, a student shadowing day and attendance at a number of lectures.

  • Classical Studies (5N3248)
  • English Literature (5N3249)
  • Philosophy (5N3506)
  • Psychology (5N0754)
  • Social Studies (5N1370)
  • History (5N3250)
  • Research & Study Skills (5N3113)
  • Communications (5N0690)
  • Word Processing (5N1358)
  • Personal & Professional Development (5N2985)

Course content may be revised for educational or organisational reasons.

This course is aimed at mature students (aged 23 and over) who were previously unable to fulfil their educational potential and who now wish to complete a foundation course in preparation for third level studies. There are no formal educational requirements, although evidence of recent commitment to learning is expected.

Students progress to a variety of Third Level Colleges.  The Third Level Access Programme has a specific link to Trinity College.  The Trinity Access Programme with which Plunket College of Further Education is proudly associated made it into an article in The Economist.

“Plunket College has been a fantastic experience, both personally and academically. I participated in the Third Level Access program for one year.  Staff are so welcoming and approachable. Teachers were very supportive and understanding. I had an amazing experience and have made good friends. I will sincerely miss it.”  

Joanne Creevy TLA student 2021/2022