Pre University Arts (General Studies)

QQI Level 5 Major Award: General Studies 5M3114

This General Learning Programme aims to provide a foundation in subjects which students may wish to study at Third Level. It also introduces students to methods of study, writing skills and research skills that are required for successful participation in Third Level education. Graduates of this course may apply to any Third Level Institute.

  • Classical Studies (5N3248)
  • English Literature (5N3249)
  • Philosophy (5N3506)
  • Psychology (5N0754)
  • Social Studies (5N1370)
  • History (5N3250)
  • Research & Study Skills (5N3113)
  • Communications (5N0690)
  • Word Processing (5N1358)
  • Personal & Professional Development (5N2985)

Course content may be revised for educational or organisational reasons.

Five passes in Leaving Certificate/Applied, QQI Level 4 or equivalent. Students will be selected by means of an interview and a short written essay. Prior learning and practical work experience is taken into account at interview stage. Mature and international students are welcome to apply. A limited number of VTOS places available.

Students may progress through the Higher Education Links scheme.

Students progress to a variety of Third Level Colleges, ie, Maynooth, TCD, UCD, DCU, TUD etc.

I found the Pre-University Arts course to be one of the best experiences of my life, as bold of a statement that may be. I thoroughly enjoyed each of my subjects, both non-academic and academic. The academic subjects are engaging and each of them are congruent with one another. There was information I had learned from one subject that could be applied to another, and because of this I had a genuine interest in the work I was producing as it was all relevant to my other subjects. The non-academic subjects really lent to the academic subjects as they help to develop your interpersonal skills, tech skills and research skills. The teachers are fantastic and their engagement with students is unmatched. The support system this creates makes the work you are doing worthwhile, as the fostering environment lends so greatly to the whole learning experience. As a college, Plunket College outstanding because of the combined friendly learning environment created by the staff and the quality of the information from each subject. Overall, I highly recommend the Pre-University Arts course to anyone interested in Third Level Arts, as it will not only give you a basis for what is to be expected in university but also the experience you will have at Plunket College will shape you for the better. 

Meika Madden, PUA student 2021/22