Basic Car Maintenance

Part-time Day Course BTEI Initiative 4M2895

The Basic Car Maintenance course is an introductory Part-time day programme which offers participants an award at QQI Level 4. It is intended to equip students with the skills for employment in the motor sector.

Students will develop skills in understanding the basic systems of car maintenance such as: Types of Engines, Braking Systems, Transmission types, Electrical Circuits, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Systems, Tyres & Alignment, Standards required for the NCT. The course facilitates entry to other QQI level 5 awards.

The course runs from September to May for 12 hours each week. Classes are timetabled to take place four mornings each week from 9.50 to 1pm each day. Eligible students may be entitled to part-time crèche places under the CETS scheme.

  • Vehicle,Brake, Oil and Battery Maintenance (4N2647) 3 hours
  • Work Practice (4N1170) 2 hours
  • Workplace Safety (4N1124) 2 hours
  • Communications (4N0689) 2 hours
  • Functional Mathematics (4N2138) 2 hours
  • Information Technology (4N1125) 1 hour

Course content may be revised for educational or organisational reasons.

Education & Aptitude: Although no formal qualifications are required, applicants should have a standard of knowledge, skill and competence equivalent to NFQ level 3 when accessing a level 4 programme. Applicants must have a motivation to learn, and the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course. They must be able to work under direction with some ability to work on their own initiative.

This course will also enable students to develop life skills which will include effective communication techniques, teamwork and independent learning.

On completion of this programme students will be enabled to progress to employment and/or further education and training.

The Back to Education Jobs Initiative (BTEI) enables adults and young people over the age of 16 to return to learning in a positive and supportive environment. Classes are small and personal attention is assured. Students in receipt of social welfare payments and health board benefits are also eligible and do not have to pay fees.

Eligible students may be entitled to part-time creche places under the Childcare, Employment and Training Scheme (CETS scheme). Courses begin in the middle of September and continue until the end of May each year. Classes are timetabled to take place four mornings each week from 9.50 to 1pm each day.